My Crazy Journey to Becoming a Better Man

“Eventually a man needs to throw off all indoctrination and begin to discover for himself what the father is and what masculinity is. For that task, ancient stories are a good help, because they are free of modern psychological prejudices, because they have endured the scrutiny of generations of women and men, and because they give both the light and dark sides of manhood, the admirable and the dangerous.”

– Robert Bly –

Two Things That Make
Me a Better man


Becoming a better man – specifically a better dad – has been the most rewarding challenge of my life. Here you’ll find my stories about how I got here, where I came from, where we’re going, short videos from the frontlines of parenthood, and other viscera.


It’s simple. Time in nature is therapeutic. Getting into outdoor adventures is a great way to invite kids into a story – and story provides meaning, something we all search for in life. Here’s a peek into our adventures in the wild.

The Stuff
That's Helped me

There are so many things that have helped me along my journey to becoming a better man. Most of them have been books. Here’s a curated list of resources that have helped me become a better man –  a better human – and they’ll help you, too.

Social Media

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