Back when Chels was pregnant with Aspen, we spent a week camping in Custer State Park, South Dakota. 

While there we spent a day hiking to the top of Black Elk Peak, the highest point in the state.

The trail to the top is 3.5 miles long and gains 1,100 feet in elevation. The round-trip hike usually takes about four to five hours. Chels was in her second trimester and she handled the hike like a champ.

Harney Peak Lookout is at the summit of Black Elk Peak — 7,242 feet above sea level. The lookout was built in 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is quite the structure, offering 360-degree views that can stretch all the way to Montana. 

From bison to Mount Rushmore, from blue jays to mountain goats, this is a scenic trail with expansive views of the Black Hills, one of the prettiest landscapes in America.

Click below, sit back, and take a little trip with us:

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