Creative Kids

The photo above? That’s Cooper’s work. What can I say? The kid has the eye. He took that photo of Aspen at her last soccer game. He used my old Canon Rebel with a super-zoom lens, and used Lightroom in post. What a creative 12 year-old.

Which got me thinking.

Chels and I are so blessed to have artistic, creative, inquisitive and athletic kids. They each have their own unique natural talents and as parents we have committed ourselves to building a supportive environment in an effort to assist the kids in developing those talents, whatever they may be.

With that in mind, I created individual pages for the kids to display and share their creative works and other personal projects they have going on. From photography, ballet, baking and more, we love watching the kids’ talents develop.

I won’t say too much here and just let their works speak for themselves – just know they get to post and share what they want, when they want – I’m just providing the platform.

Check ’em out – click on their individual Image Gallery below to be directed to their page:

Indy’s Page

Cooper’s Page

Aspen’s Page

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