Have you written a memoir and need an editor’s eye as sharp as a surgical blade? If you have written about trauma or abuse, issues that require you to dive deep without drowning, then I highly recommend Marcia Trahan’s editing services:

In the past twelve months I’ve written two memoir manuscripts. Both started as blog posts here. When I finally cobbled together enough cohesive stories that were connected, I dropped off the face of the earth for a few days of solitude and hammered out what would became these two beasts:

The first time I punched the keys to spell out those two most triumphant words – THE END – I felt imbued with the spirit of Kerouac beholding this glorious thing I had written, when in actuality it was a poorly assembled Frankenstein’s monster. Truth is, I had given up on writing and hadn’t attempted any writing project so large since grad school. The two nonfiction books I’ve had published since then were comparatively small, despite the research I conducted, and more importantly they were jobs – not anything artistic. But I suddenly found myself with two significant manuscripts on my hands: One had me stuck, the other had me concerned about narrative blind spots. That’s when I contacted Marcia.

Marcia’s careful review of both manuscripts have provided new insight and direction. I’ll be recruiting her services again when I get a final draft to the finish line. Marcia’s rates are affordable and she offers a wide selection of services – and for my budget, she’s worth every penny.

She’s also an incredible memoirist and has written a darkly absorbing and personal book: Mercy. I hope you’ll check out her work – your intrigue will certainly be struck:

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