It's not easy.

But it’s not supposed to be.

Not if it’s going to be meaningful.

I think that’s true about life, and it’s certainly true about being a good dad.

I originally built Screams from the Trees as a platform to narrate my family’s adventures in what was supposed to be our new lives on the road living fulltime out of an RV:

That experiment didn’t last long for a variety of reasons (which you can read about it in my early Screams). Once we unhitched the caboose for good, though, and I had some time to reflect about my experiences on the road and over the past several years, I knew there was something deeper going on with Screams from the Trees than merely reporting my family’s adventures. It’s now evolved into chronicling my adventures in becoming a better dad. 

It’s taken me on an interesting journey of self-discovery. 

That’s what the new Screams from the Trees is all about.

My goal is for Screams from the Trees to be a platform to tell the stories of other dads out there who want to be better dads, as well as offering Resources for dads to check out that will help them improve.

I’m not a doctor, a therapist, or healthcare professional – I’m just a guy doing all I can to be a better dad to my three kids. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and being a good dad is something I don’t want to screw up. And by that, I mean I don’t want to screw up my kids! I just want to be a better dad, a better husband, and a better man. But where do I begin? 

Traditionally, most parenting and child development resources have been focused on mom, and that’s unfortunate. But more dads (and moms) have woken up to the fact that dad’s role in the family is more than just “provider” or some sideline character who barks orders. The ills of our modern culture are causally linked to the destruction of the family, and that means taking dad out of the home and working him like a dog to the point he resents his wife and kids and feels like a visitor in his own home, ironically enjoying less respect than one. It’s gone on for too long and our society has paid a massive toll. Modern social sciences have proven this, the numbers don’t lie, but if we’re to improve our society, our lives, our families, where do dads begin? 

Right now you’re reading one of my Screams – and here I’ll share the screams of other dads who are doing their best to break the mold and be better dads. I’ll be posting a new scream every week. 

Of course, Screams from the Trees will remain a platform for sharing my highlights in dadlife. Traveling with my family and taking them on Adventures is what makes life worth living!

I’ll also be sharing tips on parenting and becoming a better dad, as well highlights in my adventures in dadlife and dadhood, through our redesigned and growing social media platforms. Please check us out and give us a like, a follow, a subscribe, and all that good stuff to stay tuned for new content:


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Thanks for listening. I’ll holler at y’all later.


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