Before we jump too much deeper into our adventures, we should let everyone in on some things.

We are safely holed up in Colorado.

When we set off from Oregon a few months ago we needed a quick escape. We had some solid, albeit “ambitious” plans, and there’s certainly been many things we didn’t foresee once we hit the road. Constantly having to unclog our sewage pipe with the infamous “poop noodle” has been the least of our troubles. We’ve dealt with mice, hail damage, water leaks, broken cabinets, broken drawers, one pulled tooth, and a present infestation of carpenter ants. And oh yeah . . . let’s not forget the surge of a global pandemic and the waves of impact it’s rapidly had on our society.

All things considered, a few weeks ago we decided to speed things up a bit.

We looped west, booking it through a few spots we wanted to show the kids that were relatively close, then lassoed our way to Colorado. We hit the airbrakes in Pueblo.

We’re thinking about setting anchor.

Traveling around the country is becoming more restrictive. Half of everything is closed and what’s left open is crowded, with no standard rules or understanding of the purpose of wearing masks, and social distancing is a joke but no one’s laughing. What we’ve seen is a slow rising tide of paranoia. Everyone is apprehensive of everyone else, for one reason or another. It’s a weird time to be on the road.

What’s been weird for us, in another sense, is not having a sticks and bricks. While we love getting into adventures on the road, right now we seriously need a home base to return to.

So, here we are . . . writing to you from Southern Colorado. We’ve put a pause on our travel plans till all this blows over. We’re safe. We’re healthy. We’re taking this time to set up a new home base. Now let’s get caught up – a lot has happened over the past 

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