Coop and Indy just took their first flight in a helicopter as part of their curriculum with Falcon AeroLab. This time they took to the skies above Canon City for a bird’s eye view of Royal Gorge.

This is the next chapter in the kids’ adventures with Falcon Aerolab. The first one began with a flight over Pueblo. That’s just the stuff I’ve been able to observe.

They’ve done so much with this program, I wish I could tag along with all they do. They’ve built their own drones and learned to fly them – up next is rockets.

The thought just struck me: When I was their age I was still playing with GI Joes. Here the kids are learning about aeronautics, remote control aircraft, the history of flight, and literally learning how to freakin’ fly.

Excuse me while I flex.

Anyhow, enjoy the ride!

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